More experiences with Apple Vision Pro

More experiences with Apple Vision Pro
Photo by Igor Omilaev / Unsplash

I had it on virtually all day yesterday, including while moving around the house, doing laundry, and some very light cooking. By the end of the day, I felt it against my nose and was considering the W+ light band seal instead of the W size.

I plan to attend some internal meetings in the Vision Pro on my next work day, but not use it for full time work yet.

Native Apps

  • Zoom - Sound drops out periodically and I need to close + reopen to get it back
  • Persona - Reaction from my team at work was hilarious. It's me, but like a bad AI version of me. It rats me out if I turn away from the Zoom window and shows that I'm looking elsewhere. If I turn around, I get invisible. Cool to see my hands though. People wanted me to join Zoom from my laptop at the same time so they could see a real camera of me in the headset.
  • AudioPods were great for Zoom meeting, both as speakers and as a microphone.
  • Continuity control of my Mac was awesome. Having a keyboard and trackpad made this thing a workhorse, once I got the hang of giving attention to the right window, then expecting the mouse cursor to be there. On the downside, my work computer uses another Apple ID, so I'll have to decide if I change it so I can work in the Vision Pro or not.

iPad Compatibility Apps

  • Slack - Keyboard and mouse are basically required. On screen keyboard is passable for simple messages or channel searches.
  • 1Password - Great as a reader app and system password autofill data source. I disabled the browser extension since a bug prevented it from unlocking, and the Optic ID window was stuck until I rebooted. Sadly my iCloud settings also disabled the extension on all of my devices, so I may stop extension sync on Vision Pro.
  • Discord - I can't select the send message button by looking at it. I have to drag the window up close and jab it with my finger.

The travel case

  • Can't charge while a battery is in it. Boo. But you can leave the battery connected to the Vision Pro, which I am now doing.
  • I always open it upside down. The strap is on the side which should be on the bottom. The strap is on the side which should be on the bottom. The strap is on the side which should be on the bottom. Maybe if I type this enough I'll remember.


  • From a friend: "Lenses arrived - I was blind before. It's so clear now."
  • Mental fatigue. I am starting to realize I am sometimes mentally fatigued after using the headset. It's weird to think I need a few minutes to decompress after using it, but going from browsing News or Mastodon to cooking without the headset just felt like a lot.

Posting this as a rough draft, but I may circle back to clean this up and add more thoughts later today and throughout the week.