Hello, World! I'm Scott.

Hi! I’m Scott, an Ex-Business Owner, Technical Problem Solver, Documentarian, Silicon Whisperer, Code Sculptor, Soda Snob, Pizza Lover, Casual Gamer, Early Adopter, Tinkerer, and want-to-be Soda Jerk. I speak developer, devops, and security. I occasionally write about politics too, because current events demand it.

This is my blog, where I write about whatever I want, for an audience of me. Everything is written by a human, for humans.

We taught sand to do magic and now I spend may days helping people with it.
"Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard enough."

Me around the web

  • I'm @[email protected]. Say hello from your place in the Fediverse.
  • My Github profile. Pull requests and issues welcome.
  • I'm on Stack Overflow. (Top 18% reputation score; 2,100+)
  • I'm on LinkedIn. I'll probably connect with you if you work with Blue Mountains IT.
  • My bird site handle was @ScottSwezey. Thanks to the bad bird man, I am no longer active there, and my account has been deleted.
  • I deleted Facebook, which is also why I'm not on Threads, Instagram, WhatsApp, or whatever service they assimilated this week. Resistance is not futile.

Services I suggest

  • 1Password - The easiest way to secure your online accounts. Generate and store random passwords. Share logins with friends or family. You use a password manager, right?
  • Notion - Great for keeping notes, in depth wikis, or organized databases.
  • Digital Ocean - Self managed VPS servers, Object Storage, and related services. Very affordable, with simple and fantastic controls. Great documentation too.
  • Gusto - Good, simple, affordable Payroll. Now with other HR features.