Most of my work is proprietary. Here are the projects and scripts I can share.

  • The Part Time Webmaster
    Being a webmaster shouldn't be another full time job. I help with common issues and advice. For anyone new to being a webmaster or who doesn't do it full time.
  • Docker Phx Dev
    Docker Elixir / Phoenix
    Want to do Elixir / Phoenix development inside of a docker container? Me too. This is my Docker image, Dockerfile, and docs on using it.
  • Twilio Magic Values
    Elixir Twilio
    Provide elixir apps with simple, pragmatic access to magic testing values for the Twilio API. The module and function names help give you code that is easier to read and is less prone to typos. Automated tests in the project also ensure that you will know if the magic numbers ever change.
  • WP Comment Killer
    WordPress (defunct)
    A simple WordPress plugin that stops ALL comments and pingbacks. Intended for web hosts combatting spam havens. No longer needed in most cases. Not maintained.