Most of my work is proprietary. Here are the projects and scripts I can share.

Twilio Magic Values (; hex docs)
Elixir Twilio Testing
Provide Elixir apps with simple, pragmatic access to magic testing numbers for the Twilio API. The module and function names help give you code that is easier to read and is less prone to typos. Automated tests in the project also ensure that you will know if the magic numbers ever change. Pull requests are welcome, but this is generally not maintained as I no longer work with Twilio on a regular basis.

Paw Extension Javascript Twilio
Using Paw to test web hooks from Twilio? This plugin for Paw assists you by generating the data needed for your X-Twilio-Signature verification header.

Conway's Game of Life
Elixir Phoenix Live View
In honor of John Conway, I rebuilt the Game of Life simulation in Elixir using Phoneix and LiveView. As a simple project mean to play around with LiveView, I have refactored it to match the current best practices for LiveView, but it may be out of date by the next release.

WP Comment Killer (Defunct)
PHP WordPress
When I created this project, comment spam was a real issue for WordPress blogs. This plugin could be dropped into any WordPress installation to prevent any new comments or pingbacks from being accepted. Handy, if you represent a web hosting dealing with abandoned sites, unresponsive clients, comment spam becoming email spam reports. Since WordPress no longer has comments enabled by default, this isn't needed and is no longer maintained.