Most of my work is proprietary. Here are the projects and scripts I can share.

  • Superior Swift
    Blog Swift
    Software development is an ever evolving craft. Join my quest to write cleaner code, engineer better apps, and master the art of Superior Swift.

  • Conway's Game of Life (Web)
    Elixir Phoenix LiveView
    In honor of John Conway, I rebuilt his Game of Life simulation in Elixir using Phoneix and LiveView. The code was built in my free time over a few evenings, so it still needs lots of refactoring and improvements.

  • Twilio Magic Values
    Elixir Twilio
    Provide elixir apps with simple, pragmatic access to magic testing values for the Twilio API. The module and function names help give you code that is easier to read and is less prone to typos. Automated tests in the project also ensure that you will know if the magic numbers ever change.