Hi! I’m Scott, a tech loving, software engineering, business owning, amateur soda jerk. I write about politics too, because current events demand it. This is my blog, where I write about whatever I want, for an audience of me.

"Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard enough."

Me around the web

  • My Twitter handle is @ScottSwezey. Discussion and mentions are welcome and my DMs are open.
  • My Github profile. Pull requests and issues welcome.
  • Verify my Keybase Identity.
  • Me on Stack Overflow.
  • I deleted Facebook. So should you. Why? Privacy, Unchecked political ads, Russian election interference. Destruction of news sites. Lying to their community and advertising partners. Zuckerberg is rich and powerful enough.

Services I suggest

  • Digital Ocean - Self managed VPS servers, Object Storage, and related services. Very affordable, with simple and fantastic controls. Great documentation too.
  • Gusto - Good, simple, affordable Payroll. Now with other HR features.

My site is built with (self hosted) Ghost. Many photos on my site are from Unsplash.