For as long as possible, I've bought plus sized iPhones so more could be displayed on my screen. I have big hands, so the size of the device was a non issue. Now that the XS, XS Max, and XR have been announced, all of the phones show the same content or more than my current 7+. So which do I buy?

Comparing the settings app

Settings app: XS vs XR vs XS Max

The XS may show the same amount of content as my current phone, but is beat by the XR and the MS Max. Both show more content, and are tied for first place.

Comparing the News app

News app: XS vs XR vs XS Max

Almost a tie all around. the XR and the XS Max show slightly more content, but not enough more to matter.

Comparing the Maps app

Maps app: XS vs XR vs XS Max

Again the XR and MS Max tie for first and display a bit more content than the XS.

And the winner is...

Honestly, I still think it's a toss up. You can pick the cheapest phone, the XR. You can pick the most expensive phone, the XS Max. There is no case I can find where the scaling, pixel density, and physical screen dimensions combine to show a clear enough difference to justify the most expensive phone. Do all of the upgrades justify going to an XS while lose a bit of screen real estate? Maybe. Maybe not.

The only thing certain here is that Apple has made this a hard choice unless you have deep pockets (literally AND figuratively).