From Contempt for Court by Garrett Epps of The Atlantic.

"In short, Pennsylvania is in the middle of a state constitutional crisis, and one side of the dispute is willing to threaten the independence of the state’s courts for the chance at six extra House seats."

Anyone who knows me knows how I'd feel about this. I can only hope others understand and push back against these obvious attempts to destroy the governmental safety net that is checks and balances.[1] It sounds like the Pennsylvania GOP is a craven shit show and these guys need to be removed from office, then retake a high school civics class.

  1. The idea that the judiciary, executive, and legislative branches of government can (and should) check and balance each other is what keeps us from dictatorship. Legislative writes the laws. Judicial interprets the laws and determines if the laws are constitutional. The executive branch executes the laws. No one branch of government is empowered to do everything. Each branch of government can do very little without the others cooperating. ↩︎