The new league skins in Overwatch have been teasing us for a few days. They look nice, and they are now available! But my enthusiasm ended there, or more precisely, when I saw what it would cost to get the skins.

The first skin may be free, along with some sprays and icons, but additional skins start at $5 each[1]. Worse still, they are locked behind a new in game currency and don't seem to be available in loot boxes or using the gold currency already in the game.

If $5 got me the team skins for every character, I'd think about it, but no way in hell will be I buying skins for each team for each character that I play[2].

  1. The price doesn't decrease until you spend $40 in currency at once. ↩︎

  2. Torbjorn, Soldier, Lucio, Roadhog. That's another $15 for one team, or a total of $35 for two teams. Half of a newly released AAA game. ↩︎