My 2018 review

Here's what I did in 2018 and want to do in 2019.

My 2018 review

Here's what I did in 2018 and want to do in 2019. Continued from my 2017 annual review. Inspired by @patio11 on Twitter.

(This post is scheduled to be released on Dec 31, 2018. It is not yet finished. If you see this, I probably got to finish the post and to cancel it's scheduled release. DOH!)


  • Signed up for a Paid Github account. Moved most of my worthwhile work into private repos. Why didn't I do this sooner?
  • Still have the same production Elixir/Twilio app, now with several new updates. Total rewrite in progress.
  • My company/staff iOS app still in use via TestFlight only. It's got a few new features and I don't know why I haven't yet deployed it on to the B2B store for our use.
  • Excited about the Refactoring UI book, which I just invested a lot into. Need to integrate it into my own designs and projects.
  • Didn't really do much with Ember or CouchDB.


  • Last years groundwork with SMS notifications has been very successful. We've continued to use the tool and offer it as an option to clients we might not have otherwise been able to continue working with.
  • Finally began to implement some long overdue policies with respect to minimums, late payments, and billing. It's largely been a non issue and been taken well by our good customers.


  • DuckDuckGo and my "ditch google" project has gone well. Still need to drop google for email. I do occasionally open Google since it can be a better search engine, even though DDG is fine for 95+% of cases.
  • Mail In A Box - Tried it, undecided.
  • Move Streak - Died with summer vacation.
  • DirecTV Now and Hulu - Love it, especially the access to mobile apps for on the go TV and recording. No one else tried the Apple TV versions for Live TV, so ultimately cancelled.
  • I did cull my Twitter following list, but couldn't find a good replacement for Twitter. RSS isn't as commonly used, especially outside of businesses. Attempts at RSS found many people don't maintain feeds, don't post content there, and overall it wasn't workable.
  • More news, less commentary. Some days, it seems like the cable news channels spend all day talking and debating the same story while ignoring everything else and failing to bring new information to the discussion.
  • Ditched home phone, replaced it with Twilio. No one calls it and leaves a VM.

Plans for 2019

  • Phoenix Live View
  • Keep CouchDB in mind.
  • Gym + hiking
  • Hobby: Soda making
  • Less Reddit / Twitter
  • Yubikey for code signing and U2F
  • TrustReactor
  • I still think a Nintendo Switch group for local gaming would be fun. There are a bunch of new games (Overcooked 2, Smash Bros, Mario Tennis) along with the games I previously though would be good (Mario Kart, Tetris, etc)
  • Meal Prep and planning.