My 2017 in review

Here's what I did in 2017 and want to do in 2018.

My 2017 in review

Here's what I did in 2017 and want to do in 2018. Inspired by @patio11 on Twitter.

2017: Coding

  • I got serious about using Elixir & Phoenix. One app in production. Several hobby apps created but not active.
  • I signed up as an Apple developer. I've got one app in TestFlight, and use it regularly in my business. It's probably ready for the B2B store.

2017: Business

  • We added several great new clients, but the push to grow fizzled in late Q2.
  • I started using Twilio to code sending and receiving of SMS, MMS, and voice calls. Our production Elixir app handles the company SMS system, and will soon replace our phone and fax system.
  • Speaking of that iOS app before, it's really improved our workflow for taking orders at client sites and preparing client orders for delivery.

2017: Misc

  • Ghost has come a far way, is wicked cool, and is dead simple to deploy. (The Ghost docs even give basic VPS setup instructions, but still, don't, unless you know better.) Goodbye WordPress.
  • We adopted a pit bull. She is the sweetest dog ever. Also, it's crazy how my "tough" pit bull gets cold so easily. She's usually under a blanket. She likes soft things. 🤷‍♂️
  • I ditched Google. For search, DuckDuckGo is a great replacement. Google still has an edge on local searches, mostly because DuckDuckGo has no clue where I am located. Apple Maps is good near me, so I use them for local searches and navigation.
  • My move streak is currently 84 days. Average daily stand hours for 2017: 10. Average daily active calories burned for 2017: 416. Not too shabby.

My plans for 2018.

Next year, I'll have to look back and see how I do at accomplishing these goals.


  • Code more. Elixir, Phoenix, Ember.js, iOS, Swift.
  • I started learning Ember.js, but need to actually use it. Javascript tooling fragmentation still annoys me.
  • I need to dabble more with CouchDB.
  • I need to create more CLI scripts/tools. Ruby, or learn Python.


  • "Stock clips, finish jobs. Repeat."
  • My business is going "Digital First."
  • Getting our databases in sync. CRM lives in one place, sales and accounting another, marketing and email in a third. It's chaos. (See Zapier)
  • Get more into a better database. MSRP, part number cross references, part categorization, warehouse locations, sales records, etc.
  • I've spent a long time pondering what constitutes good customer service, and while I think I have a good list, I don't know how to teach it to others. Teaching is my next frontier in communication skills.
  • Grow more. Build a process to get leads, qualify them, pitch them, and stay in touch. Do it all year long. Goal: Two new clients per month, minimum.
  • Implement the changes that I've wanted, such as per visit and annual minimums. Also, better/easier communication with clients. (See "Digital First")
  • Make a new website, which looks better and emphasizes how the business works now.
  • Make a line card, and other materials, to use when pitching new clients.
  • Do more with Stripe.
  • Replace Google Apps (G Suite) with FastMail


  • I still need to make my own soda. I'm thinking creamsicle flavor: orange and vanilla. Or blueberry.
  • I think the mobile potential of the Nintendo Switch is amazing, and I've been meaning to start a meetup group to do LAN parties with local people. Who's up for some Mario Kart? Red Shell Racing League?
  • I've been meaning to blog more. Maybe this blog is a first step in actually doing that. Have I mentioned that Ghost is cool? Goal: Two blog posts per month.
  • Start hiking again. And get into the Gym at least once a week.
  • The daily stand ring on my Apple Watch should be easy to fill way more often. Goal: 11+ average daily stand hours, for all of 2018.
  • Use Twitter less. It takes too much time and gives far too little benefit. Goal: Cull my following list to much fewer people, and only those who are great to follow.
  • Don't forget to a 2018 year in review post like this.