I'm a self taught "computer guy." In junior high, I learned HTML and could make my own web pages. In high school, I learned PHP. I also learned to hate Javascript. So much so that I have done everything I can to avoid writing it, whenever possible.

These days I prefer Ruby and Elixir... But it's obvious that Javascript is here to stay. React and Ember are two great reasons to learn it. CouchDB+PouchDB could even eliminate much of the need for backend CRUD API code in simple apps. In short, I need to start over with Javascript and learn it like I did Ruby and Elixir.

I asked some people in the Ember slack for suggestions, like I was a total beginner. Here's what they suggested:

I plan to start with the first two, since they can be read free online. If I find anything worth mentioning, I'll post again with more info.