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First Impressions about typing on the iPad Pro

I need a good tablet. I narrowed it down to an iPad Pro or Surface Pro tablet. My thoughts on the Surface Pro are still being collected and may be posted in the future. I did get a chance to try both the large and new/small iPad Pro today.

Homemade Soda Notes

I’ve been interested in making my own soda for a while but despite a lot of research, I haven’t gotten started. Why? For one, I’m not really into the Soda Stream route… but I’m also not sure how to really start outside of that. Lack of a clear “Here’s how to get started” is part of the problem. Maybe I’ll write that some day, when I am qualified to do it.

Mysterious problem with cPanel cron jobs not working (Solved)

We recently ran into a strange situation where cron jobs configured within cPanel didn’t work. They wouldn’t send email. They wouldn’t run scripts. They didn’t do anything. Yet all of the typical troubleshooting turned up nothing: Permissions were correct. The scripts ran fine from CLI. Shell access was enabled for the account. Output wasn’t being directed to /dev/null. Everything was configured right. etc.