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What is The HREF?

My background

I taught myself HTML in junior high. I learned PHP in high school. Ruby came during college, and recently I’ve been into Elixir. What ties these different programing languages together? The web. I’ve been building web pages and/or web apps pretty much since I’ve had a computer. Webmastering isn’t just a hobby for me. I’ve done it for fun, but I’ve done it for my own business, for friends, and even worked with a web hosting company to help thousands of other people and small businesses run their own websites. Webmastering is in my blood.

I want to help

I’ve wanted to find a way to help people manage websites for a while. The fact that some people and businesses still don’t have an email address and basic online presence is crazy to me. I can’t help those last few holdouts, but I can help anyone who already has or works on a website.

So, what can you expect from The HREF?

I like to say:

I curate and periodically share interesting links for webmasters.

Lets break that down:

  1. “Curate” – As I go about my usual routine, I come across lots of interesting articles and news. I’ll save links and notes on all of this to share with you. Then I’ll periodically write a brief summary to email to you.
  2. “Periodically” – I hope to post weekly. But that is contingent on finding enough content to justify sending the newsletter. I won’t send more often than once per week.
  3. “Interesting” – I know this is subjective, but I hope to cover a wide range of topics from design, to software, to coding, to best practices, to infrastructure… and more. For the most part, I want to avoid parroting announcements for new software versions, and other company specific press release type articles.
  4. “Webmasters” – Anyone who has their own website, builds websites, runs or manages a website is a webmaster in my mind.

If you are interested, subscribe here.

Some last notes:

  • The format for The HREF is inspired by The Prepared by Spencer Wright. I suggest everyone subscribe to his newsletter as it is always packed with fascinating content.
  • If you see something, send something. Just reply to the newsletter, really. If you find it interesting, chances are that I will too. If your makes the newsletter, I’ll even give you credit and a link.

You can't comment here, but I am active on Twitter. Just mention @ScottSwezey to get in touch.