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First Impressions about typing on the iPad Pro

I need a good tablet. I narrowed it down to an iPad Pro or Surface Pro tablet. My thoughts on the Surface Pro are still being collected and may be posted in the future. I did get a chance to try both the large and new/small iPad Pro today.

Here’s my thoughts so far (largely related to the typing experience):

The good

  • On the larger iPad Pro, the on screen keyboard is really improved over the smaller size and previous iPads. It has various alt keys, a number row, caps lock, keyboard shortcuts, etc.
  • Price of a small model, warranty, keyboard cover, and pencil is about the same as a Surface Pro 4 with decent configuration and similar accessories.

The bad

  • The smaller iPad pro didn’t get the improved on screen keyboard.
  • The smart keyboard cover feels gross to type on. The keys are far too shallow.
  • The smart keyboard cover for the smaller size iPad pro is too cramped (keys too small, too close together, etc)
  • Price of a large model, warranty, keyboard cover, and pencil is more than a decent configuration of Surface Pro 4 with the same types of accessories.


  • There are a lot of other aspects to these devices, and I’m SURE they are quiet good for many uses… But as someone who needs to type a lot while mobile, they don’t really appeal to me.
  • I didn’t get a chance to try the pencil. I would mostly use it for navigation, not drawing or writing.

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